Lighting Products

SPECTRUM LED RGB+UV Lane Wash Lights and Fixtures
They will completely transform your center. Our LED Lights provide millions of colors and limitless patterns and effects, including ultra-violet for Glow Bowling. Now, imagine a different color on each lane, rather than just Glow.
light LED Ceiling Light Conversion
Fluorescent Lights and Ballasts are a pain to change! Convert your lane lights to LED for just a bit more. Our LED Conversions are rated for more then 50,000 hours of use! You will stop changing lights for years! A simple conversion that uses the existing line voltage and the new equipment is magnetic for a clean and simple installation.

light LED Pindeck Lighting System
Our NEW LED Pindeck light is a direct replacement for your current fixture. No more bulbs or ballasts! This LED Light feature a row of white lights for open and league bowling, but switches to a color changing RGB Pin Deck light at the flick of the switch!
light ADJ Galaxian GEM IR
Is your cosmic lighting show a little stale? Bulbs keep blowing out? Step up to the world of LED Cosmic Lighting. This Galaxian GEM IR features LED Lights as well as a Green and Red Laser.