Steel Coat Bowling Pin Coating

In 1949 Done-Rite Bowling coated its first bowling pins. At that time bowling pins were made from a single block of wood. We would apply a water-based undercoating that stopped all flaking of lacquer from solid block pins. After the water-based coat, white coat and clear coat were applied, new stripes were added to complete the refinishing process. The pins looked new but only lasted 1000 lines before another recoating was needed. In 1949 this process was considered the most advanced coating system for bowling pins.

When we used this process it was considered the most advanced coating system for bowling pins.

After refinishing over 8 million bowling pins in various older techniques, we are again keeping up with the times of new coatings. Today we are introducing not only a new coating, but a new application process.

Since 1991 we have identified that the condition of today's bowling and the increasing cost of purchasing new pins was drastically getting out of hand. We set out to manufacture a pin coating that would be tougher than the bowling industry has ever seen!

After years of research and testing we have finally succeeded. Our new coating system is not just a finish that creates a physical bond on top of the current pin, but through chemical bonding the finish becomes a part of the bowling pin. This bond will give you increased abrasion resistance, less hanging up in the pinsetters, and protect the Surlyn so it can protect the wood.

Our tests show that a steady pin refinishing schedule can increase the life of the pin by 45%, translating into savings by extending the life of the pin. Saving money is not the only benefit of refinishing. Your pins will look like new to the bowler, they will run through your machines better, you will get less out of ranges, and you will have a pin surface that is easy to maintain.

Some of Done-Rite's medium to high lineage pin customers who rest and refinish get up to five years out of two rounds of pins! Although we can't guarantee these kind of results, it is obvious that you will incur a significant savings.